About National Home Nurse

National Home Nurse is part of 24-7Healthcare, a company that has been providing quality healthcare in the home, in community settings, at aged-care facilities or within a general practice for over 30 years.

Our Mission is “To provide exceptional healthcare when and where it is needed.

We pride ourselves on clinical excellence and the delivery of exceptional service to patients. With services across Australian capital cities, we are constantly expanding our network and service delivery areas.

National Home Nurse works closely alongside a range of stakeholders in the provision of healthcare to ensure a collaborative approach to patient care. In addition to interacting with all General Practices, we are the Provider of Choice in the after-hours with formal relationships to provide patient support services to more than half of all accredited General Practices operating in Australia. Using our class-leading IT systems, we provide encrypted patient reports back to a patient’s regular GP to ensure continuity of care through appropriate clinical handover.

  • Our network of National Home Nurses, together with our network of GPs and after-hours doctors, comprise the most extensive in-home network of healthcare practitioners in the country. 
  • We have a national infrastructure and local teams to support you where you need us.
  • We operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and you can always reach us 365 days a year.
  • Our Contact centre in Australia is a state of the art, secure facility.
  • Our mobile workforce utilises a purpose-built technology platform that operates in “real-time”, connecting our Nurses and patients.
  • We ensure a collaborative approach to health care, including our encrypted patient records that we send to a patient’s regular GP.

Our Values

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We make a difference:
We play a vital role within the Australian health care system by providing healthcare services when and where they are needed most, whether it be our nurses or our doctors. We provide timely, efficient and high quality care to some of the most vulnerable members of our community.

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We care:
It is our privilege to provide healthcare solutions to our patients in their homes, when they need us the most. We deeply care for our patients and our empathetic approach and the quality of care we provide are what truly sets us apart.

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We lead the way: 
We embrace ideas, innovative thinking and emerging technology to forge a better future for how Australians access and experience care at home. We merge our talents with technology to benefit the Patient and our People

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We are stronger together:
We celebrate the diversity of our talents and expertise to achieve as one great team. Our approach to industry and partnerships is collaborative, with a focus on leveraging strengths to drive better outcomes for our patients, nurses and doctors.

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We are accountable:
We hold ourselves accountable to the highest ethical, clinical and professional standards. We continue to raise the bar of excellence and take very seriously the responsibility bestowed upon us to care for patients when they are in need.