Assessment Services

The number of elderly people in Australia continues to increase and General Practitioners are managing increasingly complex patient care needs in the community, often with limited resources. Many vulnerable elderly patients have difficulty accessing their GP particularly those who are restricted in travel with consequent interruptions in care. 

National Home Nurse can assist General Practitioners by working with you and your General Practice to provide comprehensive health assessments in your patient’s place of residence when appropriate.  Our comprehensive health assessment service allows GPs to delegate tasks to our experienced, community based Registered Nurses, which will support GPs to deliver more effective and efficient high quality care to their community based patients. The service is particularly helpful where community based Registered Nurses are able to gather all necessary information required for GPs to complete most of the requirements necessary for comprehensive health assessments.  

Registered Nurse assessments are documented contemporaneously, and you will be provided with each assessment securely through our proprietary clinical management system.

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