Health Funds

National Home Nurse, through its affiliated companies, have Australia’s most significant doctor engagement relationships , building links between general practices, specialists, hospitals and other health professionals in the community. These relationships enable us to actively promote and transition your members from Hospital to home as soon as practical, or avoid hospital altogether. Our in-home services include chronic disease management programs which allow your members to receive the treatment they need in a home environment, which includes their own home, in an assisted living facility or in a residential care facility.

National Home Nurse works closely alongside a range of stakeholders in the provision of healthcare to ensure a collaborative approach to patient care. In addition to interacting with all General Practices, we are the Provider of Choice in the after-hours with formal relationships to provide patient support services to more than half of all accredited General Practices operating in Australia. Using our class-leading IT systems, we provide encrypted patient clinical reports back to a patient’s regular GP to ensure continuity of care through appropriate clinical handover. In turn, this enables your member's General Practitioner to be included in our patient centric healthcare model. We also have the ability to send these patient reports to other health professionals involved in the care of the patient. 

With Australia’s largest network of Nurses and after hours Doctors, we deliver a fully integrated continuity of care program 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our national infrastructure and contact centre, based in Australia provides your member with peace of mind knowing we operate within a quality accredited framework.

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