Pharmaceutical Companies

National Home Nurse, a division of 24-7Healthcare delivers in-home healthcare solutions utilising the resources of our affiliated companies, including 13SICK National Home Doctor. With a comprehensive Clinical Governance framework, our community based treatment & patient support programs deliver a fully integrated combination of clinical, technical and operational competencies, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We provide injection and infusion based therapies in the community to assist patients to have access to the best possible health outcomes.

Through a national network of highly trained mobile nurses, our national infrastructure, our 24/7 Contact centre located in Australia and our integrated IT systems, we have developed innovative programs and services that improve patient medication compliance and patient outcomes.

The continuity of care for patients is recognised as providing superior outcomes for patients. National Home Nurse has the operational capability to ensure it meets the continuity of care requirement of all its patients.

With accredited service standards for the provision of a range of community-based clinical services, including infusion and injection-based treatment administration and supportive care programs for patients in their home or community-based setting, we can create the tailored solution you need.

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National Home Nurse is proud to partner with organisations including Novartis Australia.